ABOUTMarina Shakour Haber

Marina Shakour Haber is an author and speaker whose life’s purpose is to open people’s minds to the untapped wealth and abundance waiting to be discovered when they break away from restricting beliefs. She wrote Dream A Better Dream to help people transform the negativity of our society into one of hope and great new potential.

My History

Marina was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1955. She lived there until she was eight years old when her parents decided to relocate the family to Munich, Germany, where she spent her youth. Then she studied for two years in Paris at the American University. The Shakour family emigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1978 where she continued her studies at the University of British Columbia, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. When she was offered a position in Manhattan, she moved yet again, this time by herself. She married in 1987 and moved to New Jersey where she raised her two children. In 1999, she started her own nurse staffing agency and within two years, she was a leader in the industry. After 15 years, Marina decided to pursue other interests and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Marina was born into a line of highly psychic women—from her mother, maternal grandmother to her great grandmother—where the paranormal was normal. It comes as no surprise that she was always interested in psychic phenomena and spirit teachings, beginning her lifelong journey to find answers to the underlying reasons causing the hardships and burdens endured by humankind.

For centuries people from around the world have come to this nation to pursue the American Dream. Yet, is it still viable or has it been snuffed out by a collective nightmare? Marina has been observing the increasing levels of divisiveness, racism, bigotry, misogyny and isolationism which led her to find her voice. Therefore, she wrote her book to help people rise up peacefully and transform the negativity of our society into one of hope and great new potential.