If you’re anything like me, you want to live the life of your dreams right now. Let’s be real – who wouldn’t want that?

But perhaps you have slowly lost sight of your dream, lost sight of who you are and what you want. You’re overwhelmed with your daily routine, with decisions to be made, challenges to overcome and responsibilities to honor. Your worries wake you up in the middle of the night…you feel as if you’re pulled in every which way. You can’t seem to see a way out. You feel all alone, abandoned and desperate for things to change.

Perhaps you’re in a time of transition, ready to create a new chapter and reinventing yourself. Maybe you want to start a new relationship or a new career. Maybe you’re finally honest with yourself admitting that you want more out of life instead of suffering silently and being miserable all the time.

But you aren’t quite sure just how to turn your life around; not quite sure you have the courage and strength to walk it alone; not quite clear on your vision and forget about having the time to figure it all out by yourself considering how busy you are.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine instead that you have finally become clear on what you want and how you can become the person you are meant to be. Imagine living the life of your dreams. Imagine being in a loving and meaningful relationship. Imagine having a successful career. Imagine being abundant in all key areas of your life.

Being where you are right now is not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. When you’re lost, you don’t know that you’re lost until you hit a dead-end. That’s when you need guidance – you need a coach who can help you to activate your inner GPS system navigating you from where you are to where you want to be.

There are two reasons why most people don’t achieve success in life – either they are afraid, or they are complacent in making changes and daring to dream a better dream.

Are you afraid of failing or maybe even of succeeding? Are you choosing to stay where you are because you fear change? Are you staying in your comfort zone although it’s really no longer comfortable?

Dare to dream again and take action now. Don’t allow your ego to talk you out of it by filling you with doubts and what if’s. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate…take charge of your life and

How do I know all this? I have been in your shoes not too long ago. I have been a very successful businesswoman building a multi-million-dollar business from the ground up. But everything in life comes to an end. I found myself at crossroads struggling to find clarity as to why my life was unraveling and how I could turn it all around. I sought to find my purpose and realized that it had always been in serving others, in helping them to become the best they can be.

It was my breakdown that became my epiphany – my breakthrough – and my call to action to make the changes necessary for a new and brighter future, to face my fears and do it anyway, to fall forward, pick myself up, dust myself off and get going again.

And now, I live the life of my dreams…none of this would have happened if I had not experienced my own life breaking down; if I had not sought to find answers, solutions and guidance which led me to work with personal coaches myself. I realized that I cannot do it alone.

But here’s the thing – YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE EITHER

Could you do this on your own? You could, but it would take you longer and cost more in the long run. You could be going around in circles, repeating the same mistakes over and over again, finally ending up stuck and quitting altogether.

It’s hard, there’s no question about it, but together we can make it happen.

We can do this together! I’ve got you!

Successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians or actors have at least one personal coach to bring out the best in them, to see what they cannot perceive in themselves, and to guide them to achieve their personal best. They consciously invest in themselves. Are you not worth investing in?

Of course you are!

Act now and create the life of your dreams…


About Marina Shakour

Marina’s mission is to encourage others to discover their true potential, to break free from their limiting beliefs and to break through to their success. As a personal growth and self-empowerment life coach, she inspires others to envision a better future, to boldly dream a better dream and to take action in turning their lives around.

She is a Certified Canfield Success Trainer, has studied motivational, inspirational and spiritual books, taken courses and trainings for decades. She has applied the insight gained from researching
remote resources and material to her unique approach of addressing the whole being – the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body.

She utilizes proven, step-by-step methods guiding clients to identify where they are and where they want to be, to analyze what is holding them back and how to overcome fear leading them to achieving what they have always dreamed of – living a successful, meaningful and fulfilled life.

She specializes in clear communication; in identifying goals, designing a plan with specific and intentional steps and staying on track; if goals aren’t known, helping to figure them out and designing an appropriate game plan; in determining and overcoming obstacles; in motivating and energizing; in pinpointing any resistance to change; in expanding ideas and possibilities; in exploring mindsets to perceive options differently; in shifting belief systems, understanding personal values and raising self-worth.

Marina is an author and motivational speaker. She was a successful business owner who has transitioned into living her dream of making this world a better place by helping others living better lives.

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The power of positive thinking is at the foundation of every successful life, every successful profession and every successful corporation. It is something all people aim for – being positive, optimistic and hopeful – yet the reality is that it gets lost very quickly in the conundrum of our busy, mindboggling everyday lives.

In her presentations, Marina shares successful ways to keep that positive mindset working at all times, even under dire circumstances. She engages and
entertains her audiences while enriching and empowering them to understand where they are on their life’s journey and where they really want to be. By conveying a sense of hope, she awakens the dreams within to become real possibilities.

Marina’s topics are on self-empowerment, turning breakdowns into breakthroughs, and the power of positive thinking. Marina has been a Toastmaster for some years and is currently the president of her club. She has increased membership, participation and attendance incrementally. She has personally mentored members to become successful speakers and presenters. Her leadership skills have earned her club the prestigious President’s Distinguished status.

Event: Unforgettable Speaker

Venue: Philadelphia | November 13, 2017.

Title: Silence–the Great Enabler.