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I am Marina. I am delighted that you are here now and there is a reason you are here… 

Perhaps you are feeling that you can’t seem to achieve your dreams and goals no matter what you do. If you’ve ever wondered why some people find it easy to succeed and thrive while you struggle, it’s not because they are more gifted or luckier than you. 

The reason is that they think and act differently! And so can You!


I can help you to change your mind and your thoughts so that you change your life now!

You can …

✓ Raise your self-esteem and confidence…
✓ Improve the quality of your life and relationships...
✓ Become happy, successful, and fulfilled…
✓ Have freedom from anxiety, worry, and doubt...
✓ Overcome fears and phobias…
✓ Quit addictions…
✓ Enhance your fertility…

✓ Experience comfortable childbirth (hypnobirthing)…
✓ Be calm and relaxed... 

While being empowered, encouraged, and enthusiastic.

I help people to improve their lives by using Hypnosis, NLP, and Havening as well as proven success principles, tools, and techniques. I will teach you new strategies that will make you more resourceful and empowered whilst being calm, confident, and encouraged. 

Wherever you are in your life right now, you are here for a reason and that is to live your life fully and authentically.

So, rather than repeating the same old thinking, you can break old patterns now to break through to the future you want and deserve.

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  • “I usually don’t write more than two words on reviews, but Marina is wonderful because she helped me with my near-debilitating public speaking anxiety. It’s a mental block that I’ve been working on for years, and it was refreshing to work with someone that also struggled with it before eventually breaking through and becoming an extraordinary communicator. We practiced her technique together, and it’s been powerful to get out of my brain and into my body. I fundamentally believe that you’re leaving a lot on the table personally and professionally if you’re not able to effectively communicate, and Marina has helped me to take a step in the right direction.” —George C.

  • Thank you for a beautiful session. You are a gift and shine as a hypnotist. I felt clearing my presenting issues, and by now, they have disappeared. I know I will continue to experience change and receive more of the amazing gifts you left me. I am so grateful for the freedom I’m feeling. You are AMAZING!!!!” — Mickie D.

  • Having a peaceful natural home birth has always been my dream and it was made possible by the training and tools Marina gave us. In our sessions, she listened to our needs and experience and tailored sessions to us. She gave us gave us personalized hypnosis tracks that I was able to listen to during labor - and that helped bring me back to that relaxed trance state, in between the most intense contractions. When I felt exhausted and overwhelmed, I remembered the affirmations we had created and said “I can do this”. My partner Dan also used the techniques and was able to haven me with soothing touches, whispering assuring words, and helping me to feel supported, safe and protected as we brought our baby into the world. We are so grateful to Marina!” - Meriah

About Marina

I am a life coach and certified hypnotist, a motivational speaker, and the author of ‘Dream A Better Dream’ and ‘Your GPS to Happiness’.   

I help people who seek to change their current lives and need guidance with defining their goals and understanding their choices whilst realizing their inner strengths and resources. I assist them to find their purpose to give their lives deeper meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction as they reach new heights in their personal development and self-empowerment. 

I am a certified Hypnotist and utilize Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Canfield Success Principles, Havening, and my Psychic Mediumship training to create unique process-oriented approaches catered to meet my clients’ specific needs and situations. My techniques and proven strategies focus on solutions and on positive outcomes. I guide my clients to access their own inner wisdom, understand and embrace who they really are so that they’ll be successful and, above all, happy.

I show my clients how to overcome negative habits, attitudes, or problem behaviors and to replace them with positive beliefs by resetting and reprogramming their minds. By using altered states, when appropriate, and reframing techniques amongst others, clients achieve quick and lasting change with life-altering results. 

I help people to overcome anxieties, fears, phobias, and addictions as well as helping them to raise their self-esteem and confidence, improve relationships, enhance fertility, and experience comfortable childbirths (hypnobirthing). 

I have a flair for empowering my clients so that they embrace change, learn fast, and grow exponentially, creating the abundant, joyful lives they were meant to experience.

I specialize in:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy with NLP
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Past-life Regression
  • Life Mastery Coaching

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      MindValley Certified Hypnotherapist

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      Becoming the person you are meant to be requires investing your time and energy in knowing your purpose, defining your values, setting your visions and taking action based on strategic planning to ensure your success.

      It is your birthright to live the life of your dreams, to love and be loved, to love what you’re doing, and to be abundant in all key areas of your life.

      But how, you wonder. How can you get there from where you are right now? By making the most fundamental decision in your life – by reaching out! We can do this together…contact me and

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