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Your GPS To Happiness

by Marina Shakour Haber

How to Navigate from Where You Are to Fulfillment, Prosperity, and the Life of Your Dream

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    "Your GPS to Happiness: How to Navigate from Where You Are to Fulfillment, Prosperity, and the Life of Your Dreams by Marina Shakour Haber is a comprehensive self-help guide. It is not your regular personal development book. It is rather a holistic reference book, written with love, and emphasizes what we should focus on in our health, including our mental health, our wellbeing, and joy. It points us in the right direction as our world is in crisis, while more and more people are aggressive and lack self-confidence or empathy toward others. Naturally, people feel at a loss because of ongoing issues such as COVID 19, the wars, and the destruction of our planet. Read this amazing book to help you cope with all of these.

    Your GPS to Happiness by Marina Shakour Haber is a lovely manual that is so soothing to read, reflect on, and put into practice, one baby step at a time. It is divided into three parts: being enough (being who we truly are), doing enough (how to get to your goals), and finally having enough (what having your dreams is all about). My favorite chapters are Dealing with toxicity and Awaken to your purpose, although I loved the whole book and highly recommend it. We all have something to learn from it and I will refer to it regularly so as not to forget its powerful messages and deep insights. Thank you, Marina, for sharing such a gift! I will treasure it."

    Reviewed by Marie-Hélène Fasquel for Readers' Favorite

    "Can you really create a delicious life you love, following just a few simple steps? The answer is a resounding, Yes. Marina Shakour Haber has spent years studying and honing the physical and metaphysical science of happiness and in these pages, she generously shows us how we can be happy on purpose. This intriguing, sensible book is the guide that will take you from perhaps believing that you are not enough to being all that you can and ever wanted to be…Happy."
    - Fabienne Fredrickson, coach and author, Embrace Your Magnificence: Get out of your own way and live a richer, fuller, more abundant life.”
    "This book presents us all with the opportunity to define (or redefine) what happiness is for us AND gives us a GPS navigation system to get there. Marina's writing is engaging and insightful as she shares personal stories of challenge and triumph and then she provides the tools and resources for us to overcome adversities as well."
    Nancy Matthews International Speaker, Best-Selling Author of The One Philosophy
    Your GPS to Happiness

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      From The Author

      “Marina writes beautifully, and she is on to something big here."

      - Jack Canfield

      Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles, featured Marina on his podcast.

      Trish Carr’s Women's Prosperity Network Podcast Featuring Marina

      Be Real, Get Real - Real Women Sharing Real Stories About Their Ups, Their Downs, Their Journey And Their Transformations.

      Joel Simmons Tenacity Foundation Podcast Featuring Marina

      Interview with 'The Happiness Guru' about life's transitions and experiences as part of her 'Pyramid Principle'

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      Get to know who you are and who you want to become. Find out what matters to you. What do you want in life? When you understand your life, you can create a new, exciting life vision that pulls you forward now.

      Understand the ‘Pyramid Principle’ to know where you are in your journey so that you can develop the right strategies to get you through all levels leading to successful outcomes, happiness, and fulfillment now.

      Get clear on your origin story, and on the stories you are telling yourself. What false beliefs, thought patterns, and negative habits hold you back? When you change your perspective, you change what is and live an inspired, meaningful life now.

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        • How to change your self-perception so that your perception changes.

        • How to believe in yourself so that you become confident, empowered, and unstoppable.
        • How to find your purpose so that your vision pulls you forward.

        • How to take action to get you to where you want to be.

        • How to nourish your mindset so that you are happy and fulfilled no matter what.

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          “Marina’s course changed the way I looked at my new world (which I knew was the same as everyone else's, but still hard to accept). Through the presentations and homework, I gained insight into how to better deal with my past and present as well as developing tools to mold my future.

          My state of mind has improved, and I am able to get through each day without the dread, loneliness, and sadness I used to feel.  I am not a new me but learned to embrace my positive qualities to become a better me!”

          Lynn Rae

          “Marina Shakour Haber has been a gift in my life. As a coach she is helping me to continue pursuing my goals and working on them without giving up.  Many times, we had to change plans, but never the objective I want to achieve.  She is patient and motivated with a great sense of humor. As a human being she is helping me to understand life and teaching me to love myself.”

          Ana Paula Dumont

          “Well, you did it again! Great presentation and right on time as always. You have changed my world in so many ways over the past 2 years! I can’t count the ways in which you have changed my life. Even physically – after years of high blood pressure, my doctor told me it’s the best its ever been. I know it’s the change in my attitude as a result of all the teachings and knowledge you bring.”


          “Thank you so much for your fabulous insights and lessons in your Power of Positivity Course!

          I loved every minute of it and greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and your personal stories! I am a looking at life - and reacting to life - differently and with so much more awareness. What a relief!!!

          You have so much wisdom, enthusiasm, and knowledge to share with the World, and I am so glad you share it!! We are all so much better for knowing you!”


          “There is a great need for me to reach out and to let you know how grateful I am to be in your two classes. I have taken many programs, however, in the short 4 hours that I have been involved in your class, Awaken to Your Purpose, I have had more profound breakthroughs & ah ha moments than in all the hours, days, weeks spent participating in other programs.  <br><br>Being able to see that “golden thread” and to feel it woven into every aspect of who I am and what I am is absolutely freeing! It’s like a lightbulb went off.

          Thank you for answering the call to teach and for being YOU!

          Peace, Purpose, Progress & Prosperity

          Samantha  D.

          Marina Shakour Haber is a Life Strategy Expert, acertified Canfield Success Coach, Speaker, and Author of Dream A Better Dream and Your GPS to Happiness. She combines spiritual wisdom and intuition with practical how-to’s and proven principles to provide clarity, excitement, renewed purpose, and inspired meaning to people’s lives. Her deep insight into the secret of the ‘Pyramid Principle’ guides individuals to happiness, fulfillment, and success with great certainty and accuracy. She is a visionary leading others to become their highest version by thinking their highest thoughts, feeling whole and loved, while taking inspired action to make their dreams come true.

          Marina was a successful entrepreneur in the nurse staffing industry in NY/NJ until she decided to follow her heart. Now she helps others to feel good about themselves, be happy, and become who they want to be. She inspires others to raise their vibrational frequencies through being happy and feeling exuberant, positive, and optimistic so that, together, we make this world a better place.

          Marina has co-founded her Spiritual Activism Group where she speaks monthly on metaphysical, spiritual, and mindset topics with a focus on giving practical tips and guidance to make complex subjects easily understood and applied.


          As a Jack Canfield-certified Success Trainer, I know what it takes to break through our own limiting beliefs that hold us back from having happiness, health and abundance in all key areas of our life.


          I have spent decades studying some of the greatest minds of our time and have learned critically important principles of positive thinking and spiritual change.


          I have used these principles to achieve success in my own life and my own business. And now, in my online course, I’ll be revealing them to YOU.

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