Recently a fellow member from my author support group messaged me an apology for
asking another member to take down his ‘Impeach Trump’ post on Facebook. She argued
that she is for Trump and that we should not be separated “by thinking and following
people differently”. Her request was puzzling as both have a right to express their
opinions freely. Freedom of speech has made America what it is! More importantly, there
have to be different perspectives, concepts and opposing aspects to bring about new
creations as otherwise there would be stagnation.
There has to be duality in all things, as one charge must have an opposite charge to create
a flow. If the flow is to be harmonious, there must be an equal mix of the two polarities.
The most basic, fundamental duality is between within and without, between the person
you see in the mirror and the one that is not seen. In our current existence we value what
we can see – the physical, the material, the form. We are mostly unaware of the spiritual
-the ethereal, formless and invisible. There was a time though when the physical and
spiritual energies were one, neither male nor female, but a whole entity that worked in
harmony creating and experiencing as unified angelic beings. However, we intentionally
sought a state of imbalance between the physical and spiritual energies, which created our
solidification into the physical human form causing our separation. Thus we are no longer
a harmonious unity, but are instead of opposing polarities. We actually split ourselves in
half, and separated us from each other and the spirit world. Consequently, we are aching
to make ourselves whole or one again, as well as one with the One.
The origins of our spiritual and physical duality have been the subject of interest as far
back as Greek mythology, where it was believed that humans were originally created as
complete beings with four arms, four legs, both sets of genitalia and a head with two
faces. Fearing their power, the god Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning
them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. As if this were not enough, the
god Apollo added to the absolute separation by giving each half one set of genitalia,
creating male and female beings. He then sewed them up, leaving the navel as the only
part of their original unity. From then on, each human being was on the search to find the
other half of its self, in search to make him-/herself whole again.
Our real search though is the one back to our true existence as angelic beings. Physicality
is a temporary state, an illusion created by us to experience in a denser, heavier and
material environment, believing that this would accelerate our spiritual growth. Our soul,
however, must return to its starting point in the spirit realm, where it will begin its
spiritual side of life. When a soul chooses to experience another life in physicality, it will
reincarnate for a pre-set period of time. At the physical birth, the soul is endowed with a
blast of vibration that will expand outward and grow until about mid-life, or the apex of
its arc as life follows that shape. Then, intuitively, the soul contracts and pulls back from
its physical attachment to the body and the Earth. As the soul is preparing itself for its
return home, it withdraws energy from the physical body, ensuing deterioration and
culminating in death. So, at mid-life stage, our two energy sources are beginning to
operate in duality – the soul, our spiritual energy, is pulling upward while it is
incrementally withholding its energy from the physical body. Without it, the body lacks
spiritual or positive energy, a form of starvation, and thus ages and decays, which means
that the body is pulling in the opposite direction, the physical one. The body is naturally
attracted to the vibration of the Earth, as both are physical and have negative energy. As
the soul is pulling upward and the body is pulling downward, there comes a point when
the cord that connects body and soul ruptures, much like the umbilical cord that is
severed at birth. That is the moment when the physical body dies, as if the outer shell is
falling off, and the eternal soul is reborn into the spiritual world, beginning a new cycle
Duality is a necessity of existence but like the teeth in a zipper when both sides are
aligned perfectly, the end result is one of harmony and functionality. Our limited
perception, clouded by physicality, leaves us unable to see through this illusion. It is too
dense for our physical vision and our limiting beliefs to break through, yet with greater
awareness we would realize that there is so much more to us than we can perceive. We
would realize that there is a whole Universe waiting to welcome us back as the angels we
truly are.
Marina Shakour Haber
Author: Dream A Better Dream: Change your Mind to Save the World